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Addressing the greatest supply chain sustainability concerns – video

Video-Addressing the greatest supply chain sustainability concerns – video

This session identifies some of the prominent sustainability issues for the nutraceutical supply chain, and explores solutions stakeholders can apply to their business.

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While there are a number of challenges facing the natural products industry when it comes to sustainability, this presentation by Rushva Parihar will highlight two areas that can be addressed immediately. Learn how reforming the agriculture sector improves sourcing and quality of raw ingredients, including the opportunity to empower farmers and deal with the pressing issues posed by climate change. Additionally, receive a framework around packaging and discover solutions for manufactured materials stored and shipped across the supply chain.

Rushva Parihar is a sustainablity consultant for both public and private sectors. His work focuses on actioning solutions to help attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Over his carreer, Parihar has been a TEDx speaker, a mentor for the Professional Development Program at Brunel University, a SDG Talent at UNLEASH Lab and is currently the Curator of the Global Shapers Mumbai with the World Economic Forum.