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10 things to know when marketing food supplements in the EU – video

Video-10 things to know when marketing food supplements in the EU – video

Update on the current regulatory framework for food supplements in the EU.

As quick developments can take place at regulatory, it's essential that manufacturers and brands understand the legal framework as it relates to the European Union as well as individual countries—seemingly obvious but unmistakingly complex. When marketing supplements in the EU, Patrick Coppens, director scientific and regulatory affairs, Food Supplements Europe, examines why ingredient manufacturers in particular need to be mindful of partial harmonisation pertaining certain ingredients, such as botanicals, as well as how notification requirements compare in different member states. 

This presentation covers:

  • Update on the regulatory situation of botanicals, vitamins & minerals and other substances used in food supplements in the European Union.
  • Addressing recent developments in the area of market access procedures at European and national level.
  • Update for manufacturers and brand owners on product classification issues and elements relating to quality and safety of food supplements that need to be considered by anyone marketing food supplements in the EU.
  • How to apply for mutual recognition
  • Unpacking Novel Food status and what it means for pre-market authorisation of a new food ingredient or compound
  • Implications of Brexit on import duties and additional control all fall under new and relevant updates for supplement brands.

This presentation first took place live as a Vitafoods Virtual Expo keynote session. To explore more of the expert sessions now available on demand, visit Vitafoods Insights' video section.