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Exploring the planet health-personal health connection – podcast

Article-Exploring the planet health-personal health connection – podcast

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Consumers are realising ‘what’s good for the planet is good for me,’ and adjusting their consumption patterns; accordingly, sustainability is a requirement for ‘healthy’ products.

This holistic view of sustainability means companies have an opportunity to embed sustainability into every aspect of their products—from ideation and sourcing through go-to-market strategy and messaging. Understanding which aspects of sustainability resonate most strongly with consumers can ensure brands are mindful of their footprint on the planet and can ensure products meet the demands of a changing marketplace. In this podcast, Julie Johnson of HealthFocus International explores consumer attitudes and actions towards the environment and sustainability, and what to expect across the globe in the healthy products marketplace.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • How the personal health-planetary health connection has gained traction globally.
  • The types of market drivers that are increasing sustainability awareness among consumers and businesses.
  • Whether consumers are willing to pay premium prices for products from companies that are investing in sustainability initiatives.
  • What communication strategies will foster brand loyalty.

Editor’s note: Julie Johnson is speaking on the topic of the personal health-planetary health connection at SupplySide West/Food ingredients North America in the session “Sustainability: Accelerating your business journey.” The session is set for Wednesday 2 November 2022 from 9am to 11am. Click here to learn more and get registered.


Speaker circled_Julie-Johnson.png Julie Johnson, general manager, HealthFocus International

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