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Guiding the way for sports nutrition and nutraceuticals of the future [Download]

How innovative scientific research of Vivaltes B.V. is leading the competition.

Health-beneficial plant-based products can influence all aspects of human health. Investigation in an organism with complex signalling, gut-brain axis and tissue-tissue communication similar to the human body is essential to grasp the full range of health effects of products.

Test methodologies that require low space, costs, and turnover time allow the investigation of high numbers of compound combinations, health endpoints and the identification of synergistic effects of compounds for health.

Vivaltes uses Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans), a roundworm that is well known and is adopted as an accepted research model for reduction, replacement and refinement of animal testing.

C. elegans is just one mm in size but has the same complexity as much larger organisms and offers comparable reliability when compared to humans.

Moreover, Vivaltes has developed a data-analytic tool consisting of information on more than 13.000 plants and their constituents, including varieties from Asia that aren’t openly available.

Aligning laboratory validation with data-analytic predictions are paving the way for Vivaltes to become a global leader in the food and beverage research industry.

This current report demonstrates the immense and previously unknown power of C. elegans in unravelling the complex molecular signals of inter-tissue communication, metabolic adaptation, and organism/tissue phenotypes in sports nutrition.

Download this report to find out more about:

  • The power of C. elegans as a test model for sport and nutraceutical product development
  • A role for gut-brain signalling and inter-tissue communication in endurance performance effects of Sialyllactoses
  • Sialyllactose-induced metabolic adaptation in endurance performance

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Guiding the way for sports nutrition and nutraceuticals of the future [Download]