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Exercise in a Capsule for Increased Endurance

Article-Exercise in a Capsule for Increased Endurance

woman runs through countryside in late afternoon
Scientifically speaking, there is little doubt regular exercise is good for both body and brain.

For those who suffer from obesity, or ailments such as reduced insulin sensitivity, sarcopenia or memory loss, regular exercise may help to relieve their complaints. However, finding the time and motivation to exercise regularly can be challenging for everyone.

Exercise provides its beneficial effects on the body via a complex biochemical process. In response to the formation of molecules during the use of energy, such as AMP (Adenosine Mono-Phosphate), the formation of NO (Nitric Oxide) after an increase in blood pressure, and the formation of PPAR delta receptor activators after oxygen exhaustion, there is an improvement in endurance, increased lean body mass, improved fat-burning, and reduced inflammation. 

Interestingly, all of these three important factors are not only released upon doing exercise, they can also be provided by the diet. After exercise, the formation of AMP leads to the activation of an AMP-dependent kinase enzyme called AMPK. Scientific studies show that dietary factors which activate AMPK promote exercise endurance. Dietary PPAR delta receptor activators further enhance that effect. Nitrate, as a dietary source of NO, promotes exercise endurance as well.

In competitive sports, drugs with activators to promote endurance are not often permissible. Foods with these activators, however, are allowed (and available). CLA is a safe and effective AMPK activator; flavonoids are a known and effective indirect PPAR delta receptor stimulator; and beetroot juice is an effective example of a food that releases NO.

The best possible capsule to increase exercise endurance would include a combination of these supplements which activate AMPK, stimulate PPAR delta receptors and help in the formation of NO. Exercising, along with taking these supplements, may increase endurance levels even more!

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