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Collagen supplementation ameliorates knee joint pain

Article-Collagen supplementation ameliorates knee joint pain

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Specific bioactive collagen peptides could improve physical activity-related knee joint aches and pains in young adults.

Specific bioactive collagen peptides supplementation could halt knee joint discomfort, according to trial results published in the Nutrients Journal (DOI:

In this double-blind, randomised study, 180 healthy, physically active young adults—71 males and 109 females, aged 20-27 years old—suffering from exercising-related knee joint discomforts, were given 5 g/d collagen peptides (CP-G) or placebo. The collagen peptides powder supplementation— provided by GELITA GmbH (product name FORTIGEL®) — was mixed with 250 mL of water and administered daily for 12 weeks. Following this intervention, participants’ pain intensity was analysed on a scale of 0 (“no pain”) to 100 (“worst pain”). Further, participants’ pains were also assessed via squat exercise, and relaxing time; researchers considered knee joint mobility and other treatments such as physiotherapy and massage.

Prior to the intervention, and after an initial physical examination, almost one-third of participants recollected experiencing knee joint aches during physical activities, while 17.2% experienced pain right after exercising. Further, while 44% of participants remembered experiencing pain in both knees, 56% reported pain only on one knee—left or right. Knee joint aches seem to be prominent amongst those who perform endurance exercises, team sports and fitness training— with running leading to most knee-pain related complaints. Following the intervention, the results showed CP-G supplementation drastically improved joint knee pain compared to the placebo group— according to both participants and physicians' assessments.

Researchers noted that following CP-G supplementation, "the need for additional therapies was statistically significantly reduced. They concluded—"the current investigation confirmed that the specific collagen peptides used in the current study have a positive effect on knee joint pain during activity and may help to prevent the clinical manifestation of chronic degenerative joint diseases."