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State of the Nation 2021 – Report

Article-State of the Nation 2021 – Report

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Vitafoods and FMCG Gurus explore ‘what comes next’ and the rise of positive nutrition in the latest State of the Nation report, originally released at Vitafoods Europe 2021.

It’s a new era in health and wellness, as consumers have come to expect healthy products, transparency in the supply chain, a positive sustainability story and much more.

At Vitafoods Europe in October 2021, Vitafoods launched its second State of the Nation report, compiled with FMCG Gurus. The report dives into consumer attitudes, buying behaviour, and preferences in health and nutrition.

Heather Granato, VP Content Health & Nutrition at Informa Markets comments: “Discovering what drives consumers is key to designing successful nutraceuticals products. Through real-world consumer data, the State of the Nation highlights that now is the time for brands to take stock, consider the evolving landscape, and leverage the latest insights to fuel their innovation.”

Mike Hughes, Head of Research and Insight at FMCG Gurus, adds: “Analysis of our latest consumer data for the State of the Nation shows we’re entering a new era of health and wellness post-pandemic. The global COVID-19 pandemic inspired a new way of thinking about health—one that’s more holistic, proactive, and positive—so-called positive nutrition. As well as looking to proactively boost their defences against disease and their health markers across the board, we found 63% consumers were also more attentive to ingredient listings in the last year, and nearly half of people made a change to their diet in order to be more sustainable. This creates an opportunity for brands to bring together the health of mind, body, and planet in this new era.”

Download the free report to uncover:

  • Contributing factors to the positive nutrition mindset
  • What the top issues are that consumers are seeking to address through nutrition and wellness
  • Types of ingredients that resonate with the positive messaging
  • Defining sustainable for a broader and more diverse consumer base

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