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Healthy ageing: The era of preventive care – report

Article-Healthy ageing: The era of preventive care – report

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Exploring the increasing demand for products and services available to consumers looking to optimise healthy ageing.

As the global population ages at an unprecedented pace, it is estimated that by 2050, Earth will house over two billion people aged 60 years and older—increasing the demand for products and services for consumers looking to optimise healthy ageing. The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the perception of ageing, with people—from all ages and generations—becoming more aware of their general health status. Consumers have a better understanding of the health benefits good dietary habits can have in the short- and long-term. Younger generations as well as golden seniors are embracing the approach of prevention over cure as they age—seeking science-backed products with substantiated health benefits and products that offer convenience, and easy implementation into daily routines. 

This report discusses the pandemic's impact on the healthy ageing market, addressing market growth, nutrition awareness, and commercialisation opportunities for healthy ageing. Download this report to explore:

  • Market growth, evolution and whitespace 
  • Nutrition profiling and assessing ageing-related challenges for product development
  • Preferred delivery formats and trending ingredients
  • Opportunities for businesses expansion and commercialising products
  • Essential collaboration to overcome malnutrition in elderly
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