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The global CBD landscape – deep dive

White-paper-The global CBD landscape – deep dive

The global CBD landscape – deep dive
As science and innovation advances, regulatory bodies carefully lay the foundation for the newly authorised CBD trade. An understanding of legal framework, regional and global limitations, market size, consumer demand and agriculture operations is essential for successfully navigating the CBD landscape and capitalising on market opportunities.

Takeaways for your business

  • Vastly different approaches to CBD regulation between nations – and amongst individual countries – presents challenges in accelerating products to market. Discrepancies have further created semi-secluded markets with differing levels of opportunity and investment – ultimately impacting the size of the regional and global commercial market.
  • Because of current or very recent changes to the regulatory standing of CBD, markets have the potential to shift decisively in a short space of time.
  • Hemp is increasingly decoupled from cannabis, and even countries with conservative views on the plant are reconsidering its agricultural and industrial potential.
  • Manufacturers continue to explore processing and end-use formats, giving rise to full-spectrum extracts, natural isolates, synthetic isolates, softgels and liposomal formulations.
  • Traceability is likely to become even more critical to the CBD sector than it is to other ingredients.

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