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Digestive health: The star of lockdown – report

White-paper-Digestive health: The star of lockdown – report

Digestive health: The star of lockdown – report
As consumers connect the dots between gut, immune and cognitive health, industry is primed to deliver products to fit their wants and needs.

The global pandemic has incrementally accelerated interest in gut health, as consumers have become more aware of the interlinkage of their digestive health, immune function and general wellbeing. As awareness levels increase, consumers are also demanding more science-backed products without compromising on accessibility or flavour. This report discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the digestive health market, diving into market growth, consumer demands and unique ingredients. We explore market opportunities for synbiotics and psychobiotics, and innovative delivery formats. 


  • Consumers are increasingly recognising that digestive health is a key factor influencing all manner of biological functions—from inflammation and immune function through to brain and heart health
  • Synbiotics continue to present a complex formulation challenge; to truly be a synbiotic product, the prebiotic presence must improve the probiotic's survival and ability to colonise in the microbiome
  • While consumers are seeking food formats, there are still significant considerations related to delivering live probiotics via foods and beverages, rather than more traditional supplement format


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