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Cognitive health: Top of mind

Article-Cognitive health: Top of mind

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Exploring product development opportunities in a broad market driven by versatile consumers

With rising awareness around public healthcare issues such as anxiety and depression, the cognitive health category has seen steady growth for several years now, with awareness over holistic health being a recent catalyst. With appeal for mood, stress, sleep, focus, recovery, and age-related prevention, there's no shortage of opportunity in the cognitive health category. Emerging markets, like e-sports, may not offer sufficient data around future growth, but could deliver huge rewards for brave pioneers who go to market early.

In this report, Fraser Grice unpacks mass market opportunities, innovative ingredients, regulatory guidance and whitespace. Access the report to read more about: 

  • Key areas driving consumer interest in cognitive health, especially around mental energy and recovery 
  • Overlooked and prospective ingredients for product development 
  • Regulatory barriers and patenting natural products
  • Converging markets creating new opportunities, specifically around gut-brain and e-sports 

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