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See, touch and taste the latest products at Vitafoods Europe

Article-See, touch and taste the latest products at Vitafoods Europe

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Experience and sample the industry's most exciting ingredients and finished products at the Tasting Centre and Plant-Based Sampling Bar.

Retailers and consumers are constantly looking for the next big product trend and there is no better way to experience new products than to touch and taste them. All functional foods and beverages in our Vitafoods Tasting Centre are innovative and retail-ready. Be among the first to discover products at the forefront of the nutraceutical industry!

Ahead of this year’s deferred event, we are reviewing some of the products that you will have the opportunity to taste and vote for in-person later this year.

While all products are from the Tasting Centre and Plant-Based Sampling Bar, a paid showcase, this post was developed without commercial input.

  • With Beauty Coffee from EuroPharma Alliance customers will enjoy instant coffee with beauty-boosting and anti-aging collagen peptides, energising MCT from coconut oil and tasty coconut cream.
  • Future Nutrition’s Nootropic Shot is described to enhance cognitive function and concentration. Each shot contains L-Carnitine, Taurine and Cognizin® for improved cognition, in addition to Coffeine® for concentration and alertness. 100% RDA of vitamin B5, B6, B12 and 150% RDA of vitamin B3 all effectively support cognitive performance.
  • Herbaland's Pina Colada flavoured Performance Gummies are presented to offer a refreshing take on serious nutrition. With a light and fruity taste, each serving is packed with essential electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium at optimal ratios for the body. These performance gummies with H20 will help neurons and muscles work to their best capabilities.
  • BacoMind® Shots from Natural Remedies are a ‘memory and cognition enhancing full-spectrum extract with nine different bio-actives - derived from Bacopa monnieri. The product has been clinically tested to be effective for memory, focus, concentration and recall. It is also GRAS, Non-GMO & USDA organic.
  • Aurora Intelligent Nutrition’s Caramel Keto Bar is described as the perfect keto snack. With high quality ingredients, it promises to be a tasty and healthy low-carb bar with sources of fiber, protein and MCT lipids. The bar is a great snack for traveling and working out, whilst helping to lose weight and reduce appetite.

Explore the complete Tasting Centre and Plant-Based Sampling Bar guide online here. Don’t miss the opportunity to get registered for Vitafoods Europe 2020, 1-3 September, which offers three days of exhibits and presentations on science, formulation and market opportunities in the nutraceutical space.