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Innovative products for the European market

Article-Innovative products for the European market

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From initial concept to end result, new product development requires innovation at every aspect.

Vitafoods Europe is synonymous with new product launches, and each year we see a wide range of innovative new products on offer. These vary from products promising more efficient forms of delivery which increases bioavailability, to products that offer a newly research, highly functional ingredient. This innovation can be attributed to several factors within the industry; new technology, investment, increased research and development, updated regulation and collaboration between academia and industry. However, the single biggest driver is the consumer. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding about the products they consume, partly due to increased awareness around several different factors; scientific validation, clean label demand, ethical sourcing requirements, competitive pricing, product functionality and more diverse product offerings.

With Vitafoods Europe now taking place 1-3 September, we take a look at some of the most exciting new products to be showcased within our New Product Zone, a section of the event dedicated to highlighting new products on the market.  

While all products are from the New Products Zone, a paid showcase, this post was developed without commercial input.

  • Melatonin Oral Dissolving Film is novel oral delivery form from Aavishkar Oral Strips Pvt. The film can be loaded with active nutraceutical ingredients that instantly dissolve when placed on the tongue, whilst the active ingredients are absorbed through the buccal cavity, leading to faster and greater bioavailability.
  • Belinal® brain, developed by Abies Labs, is a new cognitive supplement that works through relaxing arteries in the brain through a prostacyclin release mechanism, along with endothelium derived hyperpolarising factor which reduces histamine levels.
  • Anklam Extrakt have recently developed a new product called Detox NutriCaps, with the primary ingredient being their well-researched Delphinol®, a unique maqui berry extract. Another unique function of this product is the use of the HERMES NutriCaps delivery system, which allows you to use a hard pod capsule coffee machine to prepare the drink.
  • Gamers are now, more than ever, turning towards more natural cognitive supplements. Europharma Alliance have been busy developing their new product, Gamer’s formula, which combines the active ingredients from Salvia lavandulifolia and bilberry with a blend of vitamins aimed at boosting brain and eye function during long hours of distress.
  • K2Vital® Probiotics 4Sports, from Kappa Bioscience is a three-layer tablet with multiple benefits for athletes. It combines K2Vital®, Synio® and cocoa flavanols which are released at the most efficient time and location within the body. Through this mechanism, the tablet produces increased antioxidant levels and neutralises the negative effects of reactive oxygen species, whilst also reducing tiredness and common cold symptoms.
  • KeyPharm Laboratories have developed a new range of ketogenic drinks. Physalis Keto Collagen drinks are a three-in-one instant blend of either Arabica coffee, Golden Chai spices or Japanese Matcha, with easily absorbed type I collagen peptides and coconut MCT powder to give a creamy keto drink.
  • Vitalmix Energia Donna 50+ has been designed specifically for women over 50 years of age. Developed by Italian company Montefarmaco OTC, the product provides essential compounds to relieve menopause symptoms and improve mental energy, with the key ingredients being Zinc, Vitamin K, Vitamin B12, folic acid and biotin.
  • Smart Hit Polifen by UAB Valentis, combines microencapsulated polyphenols, curcurmin and resveratrol through Miosol technology, ensuring improved absorption of the substances. The microencapsulated form of curcumin offers up to five times better absorption, whilst the microencapsulated Resveratrol improves its stability and slow release.

Sponsored by Gee Lawson and Superfoods, you can access the New Products Guide here, which showcases the latest science, formulation and opportunities within the market. These are just a select few of the new products on offer, you can explore the full offering online, and don’t forget to register for Vitafoods Europe at




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