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Functional food and beverage will take centre stage in future new product development

Article-Functional food and beverage will take centre stage in future new product development

Functional food and beverage will take centre stage in future new product development.jpg
COVID-19 has reinforced consumers’ focus on overall health and immunity, as they seek foods and ingredients that support personal health. Innova Market Insights’ top ten trends for 2021 reflect the ever-evolving and consumer-centric food and beverage industry. Three of those trends in particular will heavily impact the nutraceutical industry going forward.

“In Tune with Immune” is Innova Market Insights’ number five trend for 2021. Ongoing anxiety stemming from the current pandemic will continue to push consumers toward prioritizing their immune health in 2021 and well beyond. With three in five consumers globally indicating they are increasingly looking for food and beverage products to support their immune health, it will remain high on the agenda (Innova Consumer Survey 2020). Additionally, one in three consumers worldwide stated that their concerns about immune health have increased in 2020 over 2019. This will lead to food and beverage manufacturers increasingly using immunity-boosting ingredients in their products and making bolder statements front-of-pack. However, due to strict regulations on immune health claims across the globe, vitamins and minerals will most likely remain the preferred ingredient choice for manufacturers.

However, beyond vitamins and minerals, there is increased interest in botanical ingredients in the wake of COVID-19, with ingredients such as blackcurrant, elderberry and ginseng coming forward as fast-growing botanicals in food and beverages (Global, CAGR 2016-2020). Another trend that will likely leave its mark on future new product development is top ten trend number three: “Tailored to Fit,” which puts personalised nutrition in the spotlight as consumers look for food and beverage products that fit their unique lifestyles.

Consumers are now more than ever searching for a tailored approach to eating; 64% of consumers globally indicated they have found more ways to tailor their life and the products they buy to their individual style, beliefs and needs (Innova Consumer Survey 2020). Food and beverage manufacturers can fortify products with specific ingredients to meet their needs—examples include probiotics and prebiotics, with digestive health remaining one of the key topics for functional food and beverage innovation.

Health encompasses more than physical health. Indeed, emotional wellbeing has gained tremendous importance in the wake of the pandemic, and this has been translated into Innova Market Insights’ number seven trend for 2021: “Mood: The Next Occasion.” Over the years, new product development has seen staggering growth and claims on-pack that relate to mental and emotional health aspects. Further, nearly half of consumers worldwide have indicated they have taken action to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing amid the pandemic (Innova Consumer Survey 2020).

Various mood benefits related to sleep, concentration, happiness and calmness, for instance, can be achieved by using myriad functional ingredients. One ingredient group in particular—adaptogens—is seeing widespread application in food and beverages as well as supplements.

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Steven Thomissen
Market Analyst at Innova Market Insights