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Understanding the road to investment, partnership – podcast

Audio-Understanding the road to investment, partnership – podcast

Emerging brands are still seeking funds—whether through partnership or investment; the founder of Phynova shares his path to greater investment through Nutrition Capital Network

Across the health and wellness space, entrepreneurs have for years had innovative concepts to solve challenges facing today’s consumers. Nutritional ingredients, great tasting foods, unique topical formulations—the possibilities are endless and have supported incremental growth of the industry. However, there are also important considerations, as smaller enterprises seek access to the capital that will allow them to grow, while larger firms keep an eye out for concepts that may boost their own innovation pipeline.

For more than 20 years, Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) has played a role in bringing investors together with cutting-edge firms. Across the globe, NCN events foster dialogue over years that can ultimately lead to huge value for firms and consumers alike. In this Vitafoods Insights podcast, Robert Miller, CEO of Phynova, reflects on his company’s journey from its early stage in pharma development based on investigating medicinal plants to its broader focus on natural functional ingredients for the consumer healthcare and food space, and the concurrent journey for funding, which yielded a collaboration investment and investment from DSM, an NCN Cornerstone Investor.

In this podcast, Miller and NCN’s Executive Director Mike Dovbish discuss:

  • How companies can ensure they’re prepared to answer investors’ questions about scientific trials and claims substantiation.
  • What to expect over the long haul from early stage discussion to actual venture investment and/or partnership.
  • The benefits of presenting on a regular basis to a group of investors with targeted interest in the broader health and nutrition space, and tips for a successful presentation.

Nutrition Capital Network aims to bring curated, high-growth companies together with active, qualified investors. Emerging and growing health, nutrition and ingredient technology companies can apply to present at the upcoming NCN Europe (24 February 2021). Click here to learn more and apply for free.

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