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Powering consumer health choices with AI – podcast

Audio-Powering consumer health choices with AI – podcast

From on-label health claims to in-store dietitians, consumers have been offered myriad tools to make healthier food choices; AI technology may be the next big opportunity.

Consumers are making increasingly informed decisions about the products they buy, whether in store on online, with technology supporting their process. From a retail perspective, this affords both challenges to cut through the noise and opportunities to offer more targeted, personalised solutions that provide value at point of purchase. What could the world of big data and artificial intelligence offer in terms of potential paths forward? In this Vitafoods Insights podcast, Markus Stripf, founder of Spoon Guru, offers a look into the development of an AI-powered food search and discovery tool, and the ways that data is informing the future of health and nutrition at retail.

In this podcast, Stripf and Informa’s Heather Granato discuss:

  • Consumers’ interest in proactive solutions that enable them to make healthier food choices, and the technologies that support that.
  • The ways in which AI and big data connect, each informing more precise solutions and future product offerings.
  • Technology’s ability to support consumer health while also building retail loyalty.

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