Health and nutrition brand survival in the post-COVID world – podcast

The world is changing, and CPG brands across multiple sectors are being forced to re-strategise and invest quickly if they hope to survive.

While there is wider consumer interest in health and nutrition on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting behaviour means particular markets, products and brands are doing well—but not all companies are in the same position, especially as we see consumers going back to brands that are familiar to them.

Charlotte Bastiaanse, associate editor at Vitafoods Insights, and James Tonkin, founder and president of Healthy Brand Builders, discuss CPG brand survival. In this deep-dive podcast, we cover:

  • Economic impact to established versus emerging brands
  • The state of industry investment, and why it's especially needed now 
  • Reforming business structure and models to come out on the other side in good standing
  • Putting the right financial infrastructure in place
  • The future of in-store and online retail
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