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Exploring sustainable omega-3 solutions – podcast

Article-Exploring sustainable omega-3 solutions – podcast

Source: Örlo Nutrition Orlo nutrition
While the health benefits of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids are increasingly recognised, the challenges posed by sourcing exclusively from fish are also on the radar, opening up opportunities for innovation.

In fact, these long-chain omega-3s come to the fish themselves via algae, which has prompted great interest over years in how algal production could be optimised to deliver these beneficial health ingredients in a more sustainable way.

Over the past five years, Vaxa has worked to take advantage of power from the Hellisheidi Power Station in Iceland to power a unique, closed-loop, controlled aquaculture facility. The indoor growth platform uses machine learning technology for controlled, scaleable, fresh microalgae production. This summer, Vaxa launched a consumer products division—Örlo Nutrition; the name is derived from a unique combination of Icelandic words: Örlog meaning ‘fate’ (fortune, destiny) and Ör derived from ‘micro.’ In this podcast, Corrina Bellizzi shares more about Vaxa’s journey, the sustainability story, and the potential for growth in this market.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • Why the global omega-3 market is ripe for change, and the potential positives on the climate.
  • How companies can assess their full lifecycle impact to determine their sustainability footprint.
  • Inspirational concepts around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and opportunities for firms to align their business strategy for a net positive result.
  • Consumer engagement strategies and the broad appeal of omega-3s to all ages.


Corrina Bellizzi Corrina Bellizzi
Head of sales & marketing at Örlo Nutrition

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