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Choline, the overlooked essential nutrient—podcast

Audio-Choline, the overlooked essential nutrient—podcast

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Krill oil is well known for its essential omega-3s EPA and DHA, but it also contains choline. During this webinar Nils Hoem, chief scientist at Aker BioMarine, discusses the importance of choline, how to achieve the correct levels, and why krill oil is a good option for your product portfolio. 

How much do you know about choline? Chances are, not enough. Although the body produces a small amount of choline on its own, we need to obtain the rest from our diets in order to help us meet optimal levels and maintain good health. While new diet fads and lifestyle choices do little to provide an uptick in our intake, there are options for raising choline levels with supplementation, particularly in the form of krill oil. Though best known for its essential omega-3s EPA and DHA, krill oil also contains choline.  

During this podcast, Nils Hoem, chief scientist at Aker BioMarine, discusses the importance of choline, how to achieve the correct levels, and why krill oil is a good option for your product portfolio. He will be talking health claims, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and the clinical evidence behind the health benefits of krill oil among other topics.  

Tune in to learn:  

  • The role of choline in human health  
  • How krill oil boosts choline levels according to latest study  
  • Insight into claiming health benefits with krill oil in Europe  
  • The future outlook of choline’s role in the dietary supplement market  
  • Get the facts on sustainability of krill oil  
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Dr. Nils Hoem
Chief Scientist
Aker BioMarine


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