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CBD lessons learned in North America—podcast

Audio-CBD lessons learned in North America—podcast

Whether it’s called hemp, cannabis, cannabinoids or just CBD, the category of ingredients derived from the Cannabis sativa plant has had an outsized impact on the nutraceutical and supplement industry in the past few years; understanding the dynamic shifts across the globe is critical to keeping abreast of how this could continue to affect businesses. In this Vitafoods Europe edition of the Vitafoods Insights Podcast, Grant Ferrier, founder of Nutrition Capital Network (NCN), discusses the fast-changing market—from product development to regulatory oversight—in North America, and what European companies can learn from these developments.

Ferrier will be speaking at Vitafoods Europe as part of the CBD Day in the Conference program; his talk, “What can we learn from developments in North America? Review the CBD industry landscape in Canada and the US,” will kick off the event on Thursday 14 May at 10am.
In this podcast, Ferrier and Informa’s Heather Granato discuss:

  • How quickly the market for hemp, cannabis and cannabinoids (such as CBD) is growing globally, and what some of the common concerns are across geographies.
  • The different tactics being taken on a country basis in the United States and Canada, as well as the state-by-state approaches, and how these may impact the way these ingredients and products are treated across the EU and in individual member states.
  • Tips for brand marketers that are considering entering the CBD market, including the need for legal guidance and a way to assess risk tolerance.

Learn more about CBD Day in the Vitafoods Europe conference by visiting and reviewing the agenda for Thursday 14 May. Registration is now open for conference delegates and the Vitafoods Europe event.

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