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Is blockchain the solution for sustainability and transparency challenges?—podcast

Audio-Is blockchain the solution for sustainability and transparency challenges?—podcast

Charlotte Bastiaanse, associate editor for Vitafoods Insights, and Troy Norcross, CEO and co-founder of Blockchain Rookies, dive into what blockchain is and how the technology could support sustainability and transparency demands of the health and nutrition industry.

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Summit details

Sustainability and Traceability: Making it Work for You
Tuesday 7 May, 10:00-13:00

Session details

Achieving maximum traceability with blockchain: Outlining the opportunities for a more sustainable food industry

  • Outlining the benefits of blockchain and providing real world examples     
  • Determining if blockchain is the right solution for your sustainability and trackability efforts  

Speaker: Troy Norcross, CEO & Co-Founder of Blockchain Rookies, Blockchain Rookies (UK)

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