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Machine learning, consumer curiosity drive Atlas Biomed – podcast

Audio-Machine learning, consumer curiosity drive Atlas Biomed – podcast

As personalised health company Atlas Biomed expands into Japan, its CEO shares his perspective on the consumer and market drivers, and the technology facilitating industry growth.

Personalisation is today’s must-have; consumers are seeking customised approaches in everything from shopping and dining to exercise and health choices. The rise in personalised nutrition and testing technologies to facilitate the approach speak to the market demand for more knowledge. Atlas Biomed is one company that is combining DNA and microbiome technologies with digital health data to inspire people into making positive lifestyle changes; connecting the genomic intelligence with insights into the unique makeup of the microbiome offers a window into not only a current health state, but the potential to offer guidance on optimal steps forward.

SM headshot.pngIn this Vitafoods Insights podcast, Sergey Musienko, CEO of Atlas Biomed (, shares his perspective on the growing interest among consumers in understanding more about their DNA and microbiome, and how technology is facilitating more unique and customised solutions than ever before.

In this podcast, Musienko and Informa’s Heather Granato discuss:

  • Consumers’ interest in proactive solutions that enable them to make healthier food choices, and the technologies that support that.
  • The ways in which AI and big data connect, each informing more precise solutions and future product offerings.
  • Opportunities for opening new markets, including the recent expansion into Japan, and the critical considerations for businesses.

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