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How to Break Into Personalised Nutrition

personalised nutrition
Personalised nutrition is unquestionably the breakthrough concept for the global health and wellness industry with consumers recognising the one-size-fits-all approach is no longer ideal and businesses beginning to dip their toes into the space.

But few companies understand how to market genetically customised nutrition to consumers or how to successfully patent a diet consisting of foods already widely available and researchers face the challenge of identifying and measuring a much subtler state than disease—health. Even then, translating understanding of health and disease—as influenced by genetics, metabolism, lifestyle and environment—into personalised, science-based nutrition is another matter entirely.

Understanding what people need and how they can potentially benefit from personalised nutrition is key to developing successful new solutions. Using insights into current consumer behaviour, as well as conducting further research on the topic can help ensure new developments are effective in addressing these specific needs, whether it is via different dosage forms or nutrients that address particular concerns. There is opportunity at every level—from healthy people wanting to stay healthy, to chronic lifestyle disease-sufferers and those genetically predisposed.

With any new initiative, consumer engagement is vital. Understanding how to keep people engaged beyond an initial interaction is important to ensure the longevity of an initiative. If data is collected not only on a person’s health and nutritional status, but also on how they interact with programs, then continuous measurement and feedback can be used to keep consumers motivated for longer periods in the future. In the era of instant gratification, people can often lose interest when the benefit to them is not clear and immediately available. Personalised nutrition offers the opportunity to revolutionise how people engage with their health, giving individuals the ability to monitor their progress towards a given health outcome regularly and make tailored supplement usage a habit. This behaviour change will not only improve human health across the globe, but could also be good news for manufacturers—allowing them to more accurately meet consumer needs with future product and service developments.

Personalised nutrition is emerging as a novel concept offering exciting approaches to improving health and wellbeing. But successful implementation is not without its challenges. Delivering a full personalised nutrition service will require integration of a wide range of elements and earning consumer trust will be crucial in its success.

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