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What does nutraceutical mean to you?

Article-What does nutraceutical mean to you?

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The nutraceuticals market is seeing fast change, primarily driven by evolving consumer and supplier needs across the globe. New products launch to market on a weekly basis, research is more insightful than ever before, and technology is advancing innovation to deliver tailored solutions. As the industry continues to steer in new directions, the definition and understanding of ‘nutraceutical’ begins to blur.

Vitafoods Europe aims to address the confusion by asking a question that will be center to debate at this year’s show: ‘What does nutraceutical mean to you?’ As the meeting point for the European nutraceutical community, Vitafoods Europe strives to provide an engaging platform for visitors to discuss and debate the meaning of nutraceuticals. In doing so, we aim to dispel misunderstanding surrounding the term and improve collaboration amongst all players.

Ahead of the show, Vitafoods Europe has put together a survey that aligns with its sustainability efforts and commitment to shaping the nutraceutical industry for a more sustainable future. The results of the survey will be presented to the over 22,000 visitors at this year’s show, and will serve as a starting point for the greater discussion.

Help us understand what nutraceuticals means to you; fill out this survey and stand a chance to win £100 donated to a charity of choice. Your input is appreciated!