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Vitafoods Europe finalising approach to 2020 event

Article-Vitafoods Europe finalising approach to 2020 event

Vitafoods Europe 2020
Vitafoods Europe is set to proceed with considerations for today's coronavirus challenges. Here's a statement from the Vitafoods team.

Dear valued industry colleague,

The past several weeks have required our community to adapt quickly and find innovative solutions to ensure we continue to connect, do business, and support one another. As we move into the next few weeks and months in preparation for Vitafoods Europe in September, we will continue to find ways to adapt in the best interest of our community.

Last week, the Swiss government announced that that large-scale events involving more than 1,000 people will remain prohibited until the end of August. The Federal Council will reassess the situation before the summer season. We are actively working with the Swiss government and Palexpo, our venue, to assess how we can optimally and safely host our exhibition in September.

Informa Markets has committed to the highest safety standards and we are working tirelessly to ensure the safest environment possible for all of our customers.

We know that this year’s event may not be able to take place in the same format as years prior. As restrictions are lifted, we will have a better idea of best-in-class biosecurity measures that we can put in place and what alternative models will best serve our community, with your wellbeing at the heart of our decision making.

We anticipate a further announcement from the Swiss government regarding large scale event restrictions on 27 May which will also help us finalise our approach.

We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more and formulate plans to ensure that Vitafoods Europe 2020 remains the go-to event for our industry.

Additionally, Chris Lee, managing director of Vitafoods, commented:

Due to the current global pandemic, we will not be able to develop Vitafoods as the show we all would have expected this year. While we evolve to what will become a new normal, our intentions are to find ways to adapt in the best interest of our community.

Protection, safety and health will be at the heart of our thinking as we start to implement new bio security measures for all our in-person live events. Our community has adapted quickly in the last few months and continues to connect, do business, and support one another in the new world. Vitafoods has also been evolving with our recent digital week and exploring alternative formats and models for our rescheduled September event to best serve our community.

Thank you for all of your continued support during this time.