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Vitafoods’ commitment to justice, equity, diversity, inclusion (JEDI)

Article-Vitafoods’ commitment to justice, equity, diversity, inclusion (JEDI)

All members of our industry should enjoy a sense of belonging and equal opportunities. The nutraceutical industry is comprised of passionate people, often driven by a desire to provide new solutions to old health challenges; to share nutrition insights that have lead them to better health; and even to create communities of like minded individuals with a north star of greater health for people and planet. Unfortunately, the industry can also appear somewhat exclusive, potentially speaking from a position of privilege and economic power. And too often, it is easier to lean on the “insiders” we know rather than extending our reach to include other voices and points of view.

While there has been more dialogue around diversity and inclusion, it can be easy to think of it as something that only applies to certain types of industries, countries or simply a gender discussion. However, when we expand our thinking to expanding opportunities, it can be helpful to consider the broader context of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI). There is an opportunity to think about every aspect of the supply chain and how to welcome a broader swath of interested parties to the industry, fueling even greater growth and innovation.

In discussions at our Vitafoods events, we have heard from concerned industry members that the nutraceutical industry may have a challenge around JEDI—not just that it can be less than welcoming to “outsiders” but that we haven’t taken the opportunity to actively cultivate an industry that makes all feel supported, valued and inspired. Listening and amplifying those who have been ignored in the past can expedite us to our collective goals of creating healthy products for that serve people and the planet. Increasing diversity of thought and experience is a means to more innovation, more solutions and more results.

Vitafoods is in a fortunate and unique position to offer a platform that reaches the greater nutraceutical industry. We create connections in person and online; we hold a position of trust that comes with years of delivering on our promises; and our position means people listen when we present information. Together with our global Health & Nutrition brands in Informa Markets, we are dedicated to using our position to give space to and uphold those who haven’t been visible before.

This offers challenges for us and a need to ask you—our community—to be prepared to hold us accountable. Beyond writing on the topic and having dialogue on JEDI at our events, we must rethink who we connect with, interview and invite to speak at events. It means asking ourselves, “Who have we traditionally left out of the conversation?” so we highlight new people and perspectives. Beyond this, how can we help think about product development and go-to-market strategies so that lower economic consumers can benefit from these powerful products.

As Vitafoods, we’re prepared to embark on this journey, and ask for your support and active involvement. As we adjust our thinking and question our assumptions, we invite you to ask the hard questions and challenge us along the way. Because the results will be a more powerful future that is truly beneficial to people and planet.

This is our JEDI why.