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More to come from innovation award winners

Reserol film
Reserol Resveratrol Boosting Films recently won the NutraIngredients editor's choice award for innovation. Together with three other new boosting film products launched by Nutrinovate, the film is classified as a food supplement. Parent company, Nutrinovate, says there's a lot more to come in the future.

Reserol Resveratrol Boosting Film is an innovative Swedish product that delivers resveratrol through the oral mucosa instead of low uptake in the stomach. Smaller than a stamp and as thin as a leaf, the film is made from algae and is placed on the inside of your cheek or on the palate—increasing both rate and amount of absorption via the fine blood vessels in the mouth. Reserol is a low-dose resveratrol supplement that actually works because it delivers resveratrol to the bloodstream at lower doses, avoiding stressing the bowel system. No water needed—easy to use, especially for those who are always on the go. 

Future market expansion

Nutrinovate's strategy has been focused on making a greater footprint in a few markets, rather than entering many markets with less impact. Up until recently, the main focus has always been on Sweden, although some customers have taken advantage of international shipping opportunities from the online store. Since receiving an innovation award this spring, Nutrinovate have been contacted by a number of players from all over the globe and now are working on a few carefully selected partner projects in China, Norway, the US and the UK.

However, when the product shortlisted for NutraIngredients Awards in Singapore, the company started to take a deeper look at Asia's nutraceutical market. They identified Singapore as an interesting second market, describing it as a big and concentrated market with high purchasing power and thirst for adopting the latest trends.

Products in the pipeline

The innovation award winners have a lot of other interesting ingredients in the development stages for the same film-type delivery form. On the Swedish pharmacy market today, Nutrinovate offers an immuno-boosting film containing vitamins D3 and Q10, selenium and resveratrol. The company is about to launch two new products, Caffeine Boosting Films and Bone Support Boosting Films—the latter of which is a combination of Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3.


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