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Industry digest: Unilever acquires Graze | Nestlé speeds efforts to full transparency

Article-Industry digest: Unilever acquires Graze | Nestlé speeds efforts to full transparency

Every week we collect the latest trends and research across the health and nutrition space, helping you catch up on current industry news and highlights.

Ingestible hydrogels to lend further insights to stomach function

MIT researchers have developed an ingestible hydrogel device with a goal to deliver further insights into individual stomach function. Once swallowed and in the stomach, the jelly-like pill swells from tablet size to the size of a golf ball. The device is designed to exist in the stomach for up to one month, withstand gastric mechanical forces, and interact with the living organisms. Unlike previous devices typically made of metals, silicon or plastic and only last for a few days, this hydrogel device is biocompatible with the stomach’s materials. The device will be able to measure gastric temperature, pH levels, and pressure amongst other biomarkers – ultimately providing the individual with data pertaining to their dietary patterns. There is also potential to develop the device as a diet tool by making the stomach feel full.
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Greater pastures for Graze as Unilever closes acquisition

Consumer goods giant, Unilever, has closed the purchase of healthy snack company, Graze – a deal pegged around £150 million. In the short term, Cooper says Unilever will leave Graze alone, but enable the brand to tap into its global distribution channels to expand their customer market, whilst also repositioning Unilever in the healthy snacking market.
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Nestlé speeding ahead to full transparency

Nestlé has announced its intentions to speed up efforts towards full supply chain transparency by disclosing the list of suppliers, alongside a variety of other data, pertaining to its 15 priority commodities by mid-2019. These commodities cover 95% of Nestlé’s annual raw material sourcing. This is the first disclosure of its kind in the industry, and includes the list of direct suppliers, upstream locations, countries of origin and total volume sourced for each commodity.
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Jennewein Biotechnologie and Yili Group combine

German-based global leader in the research and manufacturing of human milk oligosaccharides (HMO), Jennewein Biotechnologie, and Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group (Yili Group), China’s leading dairy company, have announced their agreement to join forces in infant microbiome and HMO research – with the goal to develop an innovative infant formula and dairy products specifically tailored to the Chinese market. “With 50% of the total global market volume (US$76 billion by 2021) China is presently the largest market for baby food. We are committed to bringing the benefits of HMO for the development of a healthy infant microbiome to Chinese parents and their children,” says Dr. Stefan Jennewein, CEO and co-founder of Jennewein Biotechnologie.
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