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Industry digest: Big steps forward

Every week we collect the latest trends and research across the health and nutrition space, helping you catch up on current industry news and highlights.

'BioSolar Panels' convert solar energy into food 

At Imperial College London’s new campus in West London, rooftops will soon hold bright green ‘biosolar’ panels covered with algae. The plants suck carbon dioxide out of the air and produce fresh oxygen at a rate 100 times faster than trees covering the same amount of land – and then the microscopic organisms can be harvested to be used in food. ‘BioSolar Leaf’ uses solar energy, but instead of converting solar energy into electricity (like a solar panel), solar energy is converted into food.
Read more at Fast Company

UK contract manufacturers announce £2 million expansion

Nutrition Group, international food supplement and health product manufacturer based in Lancashire has announced its plans for a £2 million expansion, which includes the creation of its new manufacturing plant in Blackpool. The move to the factory will boost its workforce from 75 to 90. The new plant is being funded by re-investment from the independent, privately-owned group along with a £150,000 grant from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund. The new facility will allow the company to manufacture over 100 million bars and bites a year, aligning with its move into the healthy snack market.
Read more at Lancashire Business Review

NatureBox jumps onto the CBD bandwagon

NatureBox is betting big on developing CBD and adaptogenic snacks. The brand is known for healthy snack options, and is pivoting toward promoting wellness and stress reduction through snack offerings. Consumer spending on CBD related goods has grown over $300 million over the past year and is expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2022. NatureBox’s investment into the CBD space was based on consumer research and first-hand experience. The wellness collection has been launched and includes four flavours of hemp-derived CBD fruit chews.
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Nestlé on track to reach zero-deforestation goal

Nestlé has announced that 77% of its agricultural commodities are verified as deforestation-free, a key milestone in the company’s efforts to achieve its zero-deforestation commitment. In 2010, Nestlé made a no-deforestation commitment to ensure that none of its products globally would be associated with deforestation by 2020. The company is using a combination of tools, including certification, supply chain mapping, on-the-ground verification and satellite imagery from the Starling system to achieve this goal.
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Eagle-inspired eye health ingredient to launch at Vitafoods Europe

In nature, astaxanthin in conjunction with other carotenoids is found in the eyes of birds that depend on their vision for survival. Inspired by the superb vision and natural mechanism of the eagle’s eye, Algatech will be launching its new ingredient at Vitafoods Europe: AstaPure®-EyeQ – a clinically supported, microencapsulated, cold water-soluble 2% natural astaxanthin powder. The ingredient can be incorporated into supplements such as softgels, sachets, gummies and chewables, and other functional foods and beverages for eye health product development.
Read more at VFI

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