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Dr Hilary Jones joins forces with nutraceutical firm

Article-Dr Hilary Jones joins forces with nutraceutical firm

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Dr Hilary Jones has been appointed by London-based nutraceutical company, MedTate, as a non-executive director. The appointment will see the renowned GP bring his experience and passion for personal health and consumer education to MedTate in their mission to promote good health, through an innovative education programme being developed by the business, which will be both consumer and trade facing. Dr Jones’s appointment to the board comes just at a time when pharmacies are being placed at the forefront of educating communities on health and wellness.

MedTate was founded in 2011 and the company’s emphasis is on research and development of its nutraceutical products, while simultaneously putting them straight to over-the-counter (OTC) sale. This ensures that MedTate can introduce clinically-validated breakthrough products to market while simultaneously researching and developing these same products into potential prescription medicines. 

MedTate’s programme will include working with pharmacists and their staff to provide excellent education and training material to promote wellness. Dr Jones will be key in putting this together. MedTate, as a business, is committed to educating pharmacists and the public about nutraceuticals and supplements, and the role they can play in supporting wellness and preventing illness. The company will also be developing a patient and consumer education portal which will offer material focused on key health topics and advice.

The recent ‘Help Us, Help You' pharmacy advice campaign, launched by the NHS, is placing the onus on pharmacies to promote self-care in local communities. MedTate believes that the potential for pharmacists to drive positive change in people’s health is challenging but no one is better placed to deliver health and wellness advice in local communities than pharmacists.

It has been predicted by Diabetes UK that there will be 5.5 million people in the UK suffering from diabetes by 2030 and that the rise will be fuelled by obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. MedTate’s ambition is to support pharmacies in educating the public about healthy living and risks of disease so that there is a more of a focus on preventative measures. By bringing on board Dr Jones to spearhead this educational drive, pharmacists will have a champion who is not only known and respected, but who is listened to by millions of people in the UK.  

Dr Jones commented: “I am delighted to be joining MedTate, as we share a passion to drive wellness in the UK, and in particular to work with pharmacists and creating a much bigger conversation with consumers about health wellness and individual responsibility. The role of pharmacists within local communities is transforming to become more focused on the provision of advice and alternative health products, such as clinically validated supplements. This transformation will work to help reduce pressures on the NHS in the long term, and so it is imperative that pharmacists are assisted in being able to deliver these key messages.”

Commenting on Dr Jones’s appointment, Pete Tate said: “Dr Jones is an excellent and extremely valuable addition to our board. Dr Jones will be key in developing our educational resources for both consumers and pharmacists, which will cover key conditions such as Diabetes. We intend to empower consumers with factual medical and wellness  information which ties in perfectly with our clinically validated nutraceutical range of products such as Ojamin.”