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Vitafoods Asia 2022

The importance of proactive health to Asian consumers – and what this means for brands - Interview

Article-The importance of proactive health to Asian consumers – and what this means for brands - Interview

The importance of proactive health to Asian consumers – and what this means for brands [Interview]
Asian consumers are undoubtedly taking a proactive approach to their health in the aftermath of Covid-19, according to FMCG Gurus – but how exactly should nutraceutical and supplement brands translate this trend into successful products?

Mike Hughes, head of research and insights at market research firm FMCG Gurus, will be speaking at Vitafoods Asia on Monday 26th September at 10:30 - 10:55 (Bangkok time) with his presentation entitled ‘Proactive health in an era of increased health consciousness in Asia-Pacific'.

We spoke with Mike to find out more and what to expect from his presentation. Click here for more information about our Vitafoods Asia 2022 event.

How has Covid-19 led to changes in consumer mindset in the APAC region?

“Covid-19 is something that has fundamentally changed the way that consumers in Asia-Pacific think about their health. Firstly, we know that consumers in Asia-Pacific remain more conscious about the virus compared to their European and North American counterparts. We also know that consumers are now more conscious about exposure to germs, viruses, and bacteria when they are concerned about how susceptible they are to disease and illness. This results in consumers adopting a ‘prevention over cure’ approach to wellness, looking to address health issues even if they are not suffering from symptoms.”

What are the key nutraceutical trends around that APAC consumers are paying particular attention to?

“Health goals are evolving, with a focus on disease management. Indeed, the priority remains on maximising immune health, as this is central to overall wellness. Linked to this, consumers are focusing on their digestive health, as they recognize the long-term implications associated with poor gut health. As a result, consumers pay more attention to ingredient and benefit claims on food and drink products, as they take a proactive approach to wellness while realizing that aspects of their diets and lifestyles are not as healthy as they should be.”

How are these trends shaping innovations and services in the industry?

“Two key trends are emerging within the nutraceuticals market. Firstly, consumers want products with multifunctional benefits. The reality is that many consumers do not have the time, finances, or inclination to regularly seek out specific products for specific symptoms. Instead, they want products that support overall wellness and multifunctional claims appeal from an efficacy, convenience, and value perspective.

“Linked to this, the second trend is that consumers want more validation of health claims than ever before and evidence of the benefits that products provide. This is important at a time when consumers can be sceptical about some of the innovations in the nutraceutical market.”

What can our audience in our Vitafoods Asia 2022 event expect from your session?

“One of the major questions that FMCG Gurus get asked is what the long-term implications of coronavirus from a health perspective are. This presentation will examine how consumer attitudes and behaviours towards their health are evolving, what wellness goals they are following, and what actions are being taken to achieve them. In addition, the presentation will look at what claims’ consumers like to see on products, what challenges exist towards healthy living, and what brands can do to help facilitate health goals.”