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How to Make the Jump to the Digital World

Article-How to Make the Jump to the Digital World

digital world
Today’s smart phone is a preferred destination for both researching and purchasing health and wellness products

Times, they are ‘a changing. Monthly. Daily. Sometimes hourly. Marketing theory and best practices are evolving at an exciting (or alarming) rate depending on your perspective; the Digital Age is in full swing. Are you and your brand actively participating or are you sitting on the side lines?

When it comes to maintaining health and wellness, consumers globally are increasingly motivated to make changes for the better, thanks to both the media and peer pressure. The lines between distribution channels are quickly eroding, with Gen X, Gen Y and millennials leading the charge to move online to purchase supplements, functional foods and personal care. Today’s smart phone is a preferred destination for both researching and purchasing health and wellness products and baby boomers are also getting savvier about manoeuvring online when a brick and mortar option is not convenient or necessary. Amazon buying Whole Foods; Walmart buying these are signs of the times, and certainly an omen for the future of retail and e retailing.

Also, consider the consumer trend towards personalised nutrition and custom health solutions. The fascinating thing about this trend is that it is being driven (i.e. pulled through the channel) by consumers demanding it ‘their way’ and not necessarily how you—the brand—had planned it. The fulcrum of power has indeed shifted and the consumer is king like never before.

So, what can brands do to more successfully make the move to a digital marketing environment? Here are some suggestions to consider:

·         Embrace the omnichannel. Research and anecdotal evidence shows consumers are increasingly shopping more horizontally across distribution channels, depending upon what they need and how they feel.  Brands need to be present where the customer is meaning an online presence is essential.

·         Make sure your digital footprint is responsive. This means it should be compatible with different browsers for easy viewing on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. If your website or newsletter or e-blast is not easily consumed across devices, you risk losing 50 percent of your audience right off the bat; can you afford that?

·         Adopt a digital-first philosophy. It all starts with your website. Now, more than ever, your website is the digital home base for your brand.  t needs to be compelling, it needs to be interactive, and it needs to entertain as well as educate. Visitors to your site should be able to get everything they need there to learn about, locate and purchase your brand. A smart website is the foundation for your digital footprint.

·         Get social. Social media is not a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s a ‘have-to-have’. Whether B2B or B2C, a robust social platform presence is mandatory to reach today’s socially connected consumer. And don’t forget to integrate your social platforms with your website for easy access.

·         Plan To fail. The nice thing about digital communication is that it can be changed or deleted with a keyboard stroke. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches and test pricing levels or different features and benefits. It’s fast, easy and smart and you can easily track the metrics for better decision-making.

·         Use video. Every brand needs video assets in today’s marketplace. Videos get greater attention, engagement, and retention of the information shared is higher than any other medium

It’s not too late to get digitally savvy. Make it a priority and get started today.

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