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Educated consumers seeking ‘tailored-to-fit' nutrition

Article-Educated consumers seeking ‘tailored-to-fit' nutrition

Educated consumers seeking ‘tailored-to-fit' nutrition.jpg
The global population is increasingly educated about the benefits of functional nutrition and aware of the growing choices offered by an innovative food and beverage industry.

While COVID-19 has focused attention on personal wellbeing, the growth in nutraceuticals and foods or supplements containing health-boosting attributes pre-dates the pandemic and is set to outlive it.

In Innova Market Insights’ 2020 global consumer survey, 30% of respondents said they had made changes to their diet and nutrition intake over the previous 12 months. A quarter said they had chosen food and beverages that help with their general mood or offer comfort, with a similar number saying they had taken supplements for those purposes. These impressive numbers show a sector that has long moved out of the niche.

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, it is unsurprising that immunity is a top concern, and 25% of consumers tell us their main health reason for adjusting their diet is to boost immunity. This ties in with another Innova Top Ten Trend: In Tune with Immune. Products with a clear, trusted message proclaiming their immunity-enhancing benefits chime with a growing consumer understanding of the need to take personal control of their health. The sector is further developing as innovators and consumers look for more holistic benefits, linking such things as gut health with brain function and immunity.

Education and choice have made it easier for consumers to confidently personalise their nutritional requirements. Almost two-thirds of respondents in Innova’s consumer survey say they are finding ways to customise their purchasing to their own needs and preferences. At Innova, this trend is dubbed Tailored to Fit; highlighting as it does the desire for products that meet specific health concerns rather than offering general, catch-all solutions. A marketing message of “eat this, feel good” is no longer enough. Consumers know what issues they want to address and won’t settle for a rough approximation. This individual, tailored approach to functional nutrition is only going to keep growing as people look to food and beverages that fit with and reflect their lifestyles and concerns. Technology is playing a huge part in this expansion with consumers more willing to share their personal data if it benefits their health. This is pushing brands to develop closer interactions with consumers to create a more personal experience.

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