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Lycored secures US patent for omega-3 compositions

Article-Lycored secures US patent for omega-3 compositions

Lycored, an international wellness company at the forefront of ingredient and nutrition supplements, announced today (15 March 2019) that it has been granted a US patent for its omega-3 compositions.

This new patent is a composition comprising of omega-3 fatty acid with a tomato extract lycopene, or Lycomato®, and optionally with carnosic acid and/or lutein. The combination has been found to be synergistic in balancing general inflammatory processes in the human body. Specifically, the compositions could be used to inhibit inflammatory markers by suppressing anti-inflammatory mediators or the secretion of anti-inflammatory mediators from macrophages at a given site.

This patent comes following the recent publication of Lycored’s manuscript in the peer-reviewed medical journal, NeuroMolecular Medicine, titled, “Combination of EPA with Carotenoids and Polyphenol Synergistically Attenuated the Transformation of Microglia to M1 Phenotype Via Inhibition of NF-κB.” This study explored the synergistic combinations of the omega-3 compositions from Lycored’s new patent in balancing bio-inflammatory markers found in the brain.

“This patent is just another example of Lycored’s commitment to overall wellness and, more specifically, it serves as a building block for the company as it continues to build its overall brain health program,” said Dr. Karin Hermoni, PhD, Head of Science & Nutrition at Lycored. “Omega-3’s are commonly used for a wide array of health functions, and this is why Lycored decided to explore this vital category and to support the current market need for a synergistic combination for the use of omega-3.”

“Lycored is currently in the process of developing a new formulation that directly addresses the components of this new patent, which would enhance the use of existing omega-3 products and benefits to inflammatory markers that support overall brain health,” she adds. “This patent is a milestone in Lycored’s plan program for developing innovative solutions for brain health, and we are excited to implement this new patent into our already extensive portfolio.”                                                                  

To coincide with this announcement, Lycored has also become a partner with the Dana Foundation for this year’s Brain Awareness Week from 11-17 March. Similarly, earlier this year, Lycomato®, Lycored’s first proprietary blend for supplements, became the first tomato extract to carry the Non-GMO Project Verified seal. Just like the omega-3 patent, both the non-GMO Project Verified seal and partnership with the Dana Foundation are two more examples of how Lycored’s passion for and dedication to wellness are truly driving forces behind the brand.