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Glucosyl Hesperidin: A Citrus-derived Polyphenol

Compound in Grapes, Oranges May Improve Diabetes, Heart Disease
Hesperidin is a flavonoid, found abundantly in citrus fruit and peels, though its use in functional foods has so far been limited.

Hesperidin is a flavonoid, found abundantly in citrus fruit and peels. This natural material has been found to decrease capillary fragility and permeability. In addition, this material has diverse physiological activities such as helping to improve hyperlipidemia, hypertension and poor circulation. Therefore, hesperidin has attracted attention as a multifunctional food ingredient. However, its use in functional foods has been limited due to its low water solubility.

Hayashibara, using its unique enzyme technology, has developed Glucosyl Hesperidin. It is a glucosyl-derivative of hesperidin in which a glucose unit is attached to the glucose moiety of hesperidin with an α-1,4 linkage by enzymatic reaction. The glycosylation drastically enhances the solubility of hesperidin in water—100,000 times. This allows formulators to use Glucosyl Hesperidin for many food applications. Of course, safety has also been confirmed and it is more bioavailable than natural hesperidin, and can be used to demonstrate the physiological activities of hesperidin more efficiently. It is readily degraded into glucose and hesperidin by human intestinal enzymes, and enters the body as hesperetin. As with hesperidin, Glucosyl Hesperidin exhibits such physiological activities as reduction of serum triglyceride, improvement of poor circulation and improvement of hypertension. So far, it has track records as a functional food substance of Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) with the action of lowering high serum triglyceride and blood pressure. Recently, it has also gained recognition as a Food with Function Claims (FFC) as it displays functions of lowering high serum triglyceride and maintaining blood flow and body temperature. Glucosyl Hesperidin is a functional food material that has received great attention in Japan and it is believed this food ingredient will be developed globally.

To hear more, visit the Vitafoods Asia 2017 Innovation Theatre, where Shin Endo will present Glucosyl Hesperidin and its achievements as a functional food ingredient in Japan. Register to attend Vitafoods Asia here.

Hayashibara was founded in 1883, manufacturing starch syrup in Japan. Since then, the company has developed a variety of saccharides using enzymes Hayashibara identified and isolated from many microorganisms. Since becoming a member of the Nagase Group in 2012, Hayashibara has increased its commitment to furthering the application of the company’s products for pharmaceutical, food, health, beauty and colour uses.

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