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Immune health: Market trends, technology innovation and future developments — Video

Article-Immune health: Market trends, technology innovation and future developments — Video

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This October, Vitafoods Insights explores the topic of immune health as part of our thematic month offerings.

Immune health and proactive, holistic lifestyle choices are shaping the market, and 'boosting' immunity is a popular concept among consumers. This Vitafoods Insights video panel discussion explores the immune health market, covering market trends, growth, technological advancements, AI and machine learning, the idea of personalisation, challenges, opportunities, active lifestyle choices, and more.


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Jolanda van Bilsen
Senior Scientist Immune Health and Toxicology, TNO

Jolanda van Bilsen is a senior scientist immune health and toxicology at TNO. She is a board-certified Immunologist (SMBWO) and a European registered Toxicologist (ERT). The focus of her work has always been to make scientific knowledge and technology applicable for the benefit of society. During her career, she has developed a broad scientific background in relevant areas for Life Sciences and Healthcare (such as immunology, toxicology, artificial intelligence, and systems biology) in both (academic) research institutes and industry. She has held positions ranging from integrator scientist to research program leader, including R&D strategy and portfolio development tasks. She works as a consultant for companies and is currently involved in several applied research programs that apply artificial intelligence solutions to unlock innovations with a holistic approach to immunity.

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Steve Osborne
Director, Aurora Ceres Partnerships

Having graduated as an analytical chemist, Steve completed a Research Master's in Maillard Reaction Flavours with the University of Reading. This was followed by many years in commercial and technical roles with Nestlé, Northern Foods, Ashbury Confectionery and Leatherhead Food Research, where he became a recognised food industry expert. The Aurora Ceres Partnership Ltd was established in 2015 and provides innovation management for the Food and Beverage industry. A key focus is technology scouting through the 'ACTION' technology scouting platform, the 'FoodDrinkACTION’ innovation portal, and using the unique insights gained to forecast future food and beverage trends through the ‘TrendACTION’ platform. Steve is also a regular contributor to food and beverage industry events and has spoken on numerous topics, from nutrition, including salt and sugar reduction, to waste valorisation and the future of food-themed discussions. He is also a regularly invited expert judge for several food and beverage innovation awards panels.

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