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Being Mindful of Heart Health

Article-Being Mindful of Heart Health

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<p>Diet and exercise are recognised factors in helping maintain cardiovascular wellbeing; however, a person&#8217;s thoughts and words may also greatly influence heart health.</p>

The role of a balanced diet and regular exercise in maintaining good heart health is widely understood. Less well known, however, is the impact our thoughts and spoken words have on our cardiovascular wellbeing.

But all that is beginning to change. Johns Hopkins Medicine expert Lisa R. Yanek recently published a study demonstrating that people with known risk factors for heart disease who have positive thinking habits enjoy a risk level 33 percent lower than people people with similar risk factors who do not have the “protective layer" provided by positive thinking.

The official website of the American Heart Association, meanwhile, refers to positive thinking as a proven tool for health improvement. And this is just the beginning. An increasing number of scientific papers are being published quoting the power of our minds over our bodies. More and more, the evidence suggests positive thinking, meditation and guided imagery are all helpful in the management of both heart health and general wellbeing.

This approach, which is increasingly supported by solid science, is the foundation of Lycored’s key message for this year’s Vitafoods Europe: “This is not a miracle cure."

For all consumers—young and old, male and female—good nutrition alone is not enough to ensure good health. Instead, a combination of nutrition, healthy physical activity and, of course, positive thinking is by far the most effective way to maintain wellbeing and live our lives to the fullest.

Lycored produces Cardi-O-Mato, a lycopene-based heart health ingredient. Visit Stand G42 at Vitafoods Europe 2016 to find out more.

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