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Innovation fuels APAC healthy ageing market—podcast

Audio-Innovation fuels APAC healthy ageing market—podcast

Unique delivery systems and personalised nutrition connections are among the differentiators supporting growth of the healthy ageing segment in APAC.

Partnerships with technology companies and scientific research into new ingredients are also fuelling the growth of solutions for healthy ageing—throughout a lifetime. As Bettina Hudry-Gerez and Florent Eveillard, heads of APAC with Alcimed, detailed in their free position paper, there are myriad unique factors working synergistically to extend the market opportunity.

  • Healthy ageing is not just for older consumers, but knowing the drivers for young adults is important to gaining interest.
  • On-the-go and tasty options for product delivery are critical to repeat purchase and long-term investment, as a recent report detailed.
  • Partnerships between tech platforms and consumer brands will extend the reach of new product offerings.
  • Scientific substantiation on ingredients and combination formulas is also important, particularly to message responsibly.
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