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Healthy Ageing: Science Enhances Options for Seniors

Healthy Ageing: Science Enhances Options for Seniors
Although life expectancy--and therefore, the elderly population--is on the rise, senior living is not free from challenges. An extended lifespan can bring a host of age-related diseases and declines, many of which may be positively influenced or eliminated. Identifying nutritional and behavioural strategies to counteract potential difficulties could increase the number of elderly European citizens in good health, and reduce related medical and social costs. The articles in this issue were contributed by speakers from the Healthy Ageing stream at 2016s Vitafoods Europe Conference. Report takeaways include: * Calorie-dense but nutrient-poor diets are particularly concerning and common among the elderly; * Research suggests a whole diet approach may help counteract inflammaging in the ageing; * Brand marketing must empower seniors, supporting them to keep the life they love for longer.

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