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Exploring healthy ageing markets, ingredients, and consumer trends — Video

Video-Exploring healthy ageing markets, ingredients, and consumer trends — Video

From 2015 to 2050 the world’s population over 60 years old will nearly double from 12% to 22% according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This has supported an environment where consumers all over the world are looking for ways to improve both longevity and quality of life. It is no longer just a priority for the older generations, healthy ageing is increasingly targeting younger demographics, encouraging them to build a strong foundation for a healthier future. 

This panel discussion looks at the current state of the healthy ageing market and how it is being repositioned to consumers. It will cover what different generations look for, the impacts of COVID-19, and the trending ingredients as well as benefits that consumers are seeking. Additionally, it will cover the whitespace opportunity within the market for ingredient and product developers. 

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Martin Oxley
MD, Buzzback Europe

Martin Oxley has been the managing director of Buzzback Europe since its inception in 2007. In his 20-plus years in research, he’s worked for two of the biggest global custom firms and is a regular speaker and chair of MRS and ESOMAR events. Martin is also a Fellow of both the Market Research Society and the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce.

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Dr Francis Palmer
CMO, Ponce de Leon Health

Dr. Francis Palmer is a world-renowned, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, and author of “What’s Your Number?” with more than three decades of practical experience in medicine. He consults as chief medical officer for Ponce de Leon Health, the makers of Rejuvant, a company dedicated to developing drug-free solutions scientifically proven to extend overall longevity, while simultaneously increasing healthspan and reducing biological age for better health. An honors graduate of San Diego State University, Palmer received his medical degree from the University of California. Following his residency at USC-LA County Medical Center, he completed a fellowship with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is board certified in that specialty.