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Green is the new black: Exploring the potential of coffee bean extract

Article-Green is the new black: Exploring the potential of coffee bean extract

© AdobeStock/detshana Green coffee beans in sack by detshana
Rich in antioxidants, green coffee bean extract can offer health benefits ranging from weight-management to cognitive function and has multiple, growing applications for manufacturers in the health and wellness space, according to Mintel.

Green coffee bean extract is quickly growing in popularity in the health and wellness world and has recently been identified as a trending ingredient by Mintel. Derived from green coffee beans, the raw unroasted state of traditional brown coffee beans, the extract is commonly used as an energy and weight-loss supplement.

Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and other bioactive compounds, notably caffeine and chlorogenic acid, which are the source of many of the health and wellness benefits also found in green coffee beans.

Green coffee bean extract offers multiple health benefits

Consumers across the globe are consistently seeking to improve their health and wellness. One area that consumers are particularly concerned about is weight, with only 26% indicating that they are in some way satisfied with their current weight-level, FMCG Gurus data shows.

There are several mechanisms through which green coffee bean extract are of interest here, including boosting fat metabolism, lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and improving obesity-related hormone levels, explaining why green coffee bean extract is often found in food and drink products displaying weight-loss and energy health claims. cognitive function, mood balance, anti-ageing, blood glucose regulation and improved blood pressure.

These recently discovered health benefits may open up new opportunities for the ingredient to be used in products appealing to the growing cohort of consumers that are seeking food and drinks which contribute to overall, holistic health, a recent report by Michelle Teodoro, Global food science analyst, Mintel suggests.

An ingredient with a global consumer appeal

Products containing green coffee bean extract can appeal to consumers looking for products with functional benefits, the report found, with over 37% of US consumers stating that they mostly select food and drinks that contribute to their overall wellness, according to a Mintel report and survey.

When it comes to the consumer appeal of green coffee bean extract, the report found that consumer groups across the globe are interested in including more of the extract’s health benefits in their daily diets.

In terms of mental wellbeing, 47% of Indians say that they would find food that improved brain health appealing, while 28% of Canadian consumers say that they are looking for beverages that boost energy. Considering the ingredient’s antioxidant qualities, 52% of Thai consumers are interested in beauty and health supplement products that have anti-oxidation benefits, Mintel data shows.

A lower caffeine and sugar alternative energy drink

In the global food, drink and supplement sectors, green coffee bean extract has until now appeared most frequently in product launches in the vitamins minerals supplements (VMS) and nutritional and meal replacement drinks categories.

The Burn Hazelnut Heaven flavoured thermogenic protein bar from Australian manufacturer Maxine’s is made up of green coffee bean extract, dark chocolate, L-carnitine and 14 g of protein. According to the company, it fuels the metabolism, helping to burn fat, tone the body and boost energy and has functional energy and slimming claims.

Position green coffee extract as a natural nootropic

While in the drinks space, products such as Nestlé USA’s Perrier Energize tangerine flavoured carbonated energy water beverage, launched in Myanmar, and Bai USA’s Antioxidant Cocofusion antioxidant beverage, use green coffee bean caffeine to appeal to consumers who seek a more natural, consistent source of caffeine than those offered by traditional coffee products.

When it comes to energy drinks, consumers prefer natural, clean energy ingredients as opposed to those with a high sugar or caffeine content, according to Mintel. It finds that 35% of German consumers say they would prioritise drinks with all-natural ingredients when choosing an energy drink, while in the US, 18% are looking for jitter-less energy.

To appeal to this cohort of consumers, manufacturers could position green coffee bean extract as a nootropic ingredient, given its lower caffeine content and ability to sustain energy levels. Nootropics are supplements that are well-known to enhance cognitive performance. Several companies including Australia-based Shine+ and UK-based Xite have already launched energy sports drinks in this category.