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Vitafoods Asia 2022

Asian consumers want ‘positive, naturally nutritious diets’ for whole body health - Interview

Article-Asian consumers want ‘positive, naturally nutritious diets’ for whole body health - Interview

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Asian consumers are seeking out naturally nutritious products that actively contribute to the body’s functioning – as well as shunning artificial ingredients, says Innova Markets Insights.

This highlights the way in which the “health spectrum keeps evolving” in Asia, according to Nicole Jansen is team manager of insights and innovation at market research company, Innova Market Insights.

Nicole will be speaking at Vitafoods Asia, giving a presentation on the topic of ‘Health & wellness trends: Reductionism, naturalism and functionalism’ on Wednesday 5th October at 10:30 - 10:55, Bangkok time. We caught up with her to find out more.

What areas of consumer behaviour in the APAC region have been most impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic?

"Consumers in Asia obtained a clear focus during the pandemic: health and wellness. Fifty-five percent of families in Asia indicated this is the area where they would prioritise their spending. We also found that families in Asia lean more toward a digital lifestyle and can be expected to seek more digital and personalised solutions to supporting and improving their health and wellness. "

How have the health and wellness trends evolved in the world pre- and post-Covid?

"Covid-19 put the spotlight on immune health in the mind of the consumer and, as such, led to the development of many new products with immunity-related claims. Now, post-Covid, we do see consumers going back to prioritising holistic health with a special emphasis on mental health and stress management. "

What are some of the innovations you are seeing in this market around the APAC region?

"We see certain themes emerge: I already mentioned holistic wellbeing and consumers’ interest in food and beverage products with multiple functionalities. Besides that, consumers appear to have an increased desire to enjoy the freshness and authenticity of local food. At the same time, they are increasingly open to experiencing consumption and dining in new ways – from new ways to order and deliver food, to online interaction with brands. "

What is the one trend industry players should pay close attention to?

"The plant-based trend is growing rapidly in APAC at +76.5% (CAGR 2017- 2021). Innovators in the segment will leverage the inherent nutrition of these plant-based foods to position themselves in the market. Moreover, consumers in Asia say that health is the prime consumption driver for plant-based alternatives in their diet, making it a ripe opportunity for these small- and large-scale producers to flourish. "

What can our audience in our Vitafoods Asia 2022 event expect from your session?

"In my presentation, I will share how and why more consumers are choosing positive, naturally nutritious diets for whole body health. The health spectrum keeps evolving, from avoiding artificial or unhealthy ingredients to choosing naturalness and adding more products that actively contribute to the body’s functioning. If you are a business leader in the health and nutrition sector I think these insights will be very valuable to you. "

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