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Empower consumers to enhance health span with this strong probiotic [e-book]

‘Health span’ is the period of life during which a person can live and enjoy life without the limitations of poor health.

LifeinU® BSCU1 is a probiotic bacteria developed by Gnosis by Lesaffre that can support the health span thanks to its efficacy, especially demonstrated in cough and cold support.

This robust probiotic may impact the secretion of Secretory Immunoglobulin A (sIgA), an antibody considered the body's first line of defence.

Additionally, LifeinU® BSCU1 has excellent stability, making it ideal for many applications. 

Download the e-book to discover more, including:

  • How Gnosis by Lesaffre’s innovative probiotic may strengthen immune defences by boosting antibody levels in both the intestine and saliva.

  • A clinical trial demonstrating how LifeinU® BSCU1 can reduce the frequency of upper respiratory tract infections in seniors by up to 45%.
  • Gnosis by Lesaffre’s collaboration with Harvard startup Emulate to create an ‘intestine chip model’ that mimics cellular microenvironments in humans, to better understand the beneficial impacts of LifeinU® BSCU1 on the gut immune system.  
  • How probiotic B. subtilis CU1 is shown to be safe and well-tolerated, without undesirable effects on markers of liver and kidney function, complete blood counts, hemodynamic parameters, and vital signs, making it a great solution for all.
  • How LifeinU® BSCU1’s stability is demonstrated across a wide range of standardised temperatures and humidity levels (including under extreme conditions), and an array of packaging formats.
  • How Gnosis by Lesaffre’s probiotic retains its beneficial properties even after industrial processes requiring heat treatment and humidity, making it the perfect choice for functional foods as well as dietary supplements,.
  • Details on how to make key structure/function, nutrient, and health claims with LifeinU® BSCU1.

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Empower consumers to enhance immunity via this exceptional probiotic [e-book]

Empower consumers to enhance health span with this strong probiotic [e-book]