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Vitality: Optimising Health

White-paper-Vitality: Optimising Health

Vitality: Optimising Health
Essential to well-being, vitality encompasses all areas of health and nutrition, helping consumers achieve optimal health at all life stages. Various aspects of vitality, including anti-ageing nutrition and ingredients like cannabinoids, offer huge business potential. Other areas are commonly overlooked, including eye health and bladder health, yet are crucial aspects of a healthy ageing process.


Table of Contents


The New Anti-Ageing Market Place Has Arrived
by Phil Micans

Blue Light Exposure: The New Concern
by Dr. Melinda Culver

Using Cannabinoids to Build a Strong Foundation of General Health and Well-being
by Matt Storey

Bladder Vitality: Essential for Lasting Quality of Life
by Dr. Tracey Seipel

Takeaways for Your Business

• The anti-ageing market is a fundamental area with huge scope and business potential.

• Eye and bladder health are commonly overlooked areas essential for lasting quality of life.  

• Cannabinoids are increasingly popular with consumers for their extensive health benefits.


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