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This Time It's Personal(ised) Nutrition

This Time It's Personal(ised) Nutrition
Personalised nutrition is emerging as a novel concept offering exciting approaches to improving health and wellbeing. It is an opportunity to shift focus from broad population-based 'standards of care' to tailored care for the individual. But successful implementation is not without its challenges and requires industry collaboration.


Table of Contents


Where's the Business
by Jade Mitchell-Ross

The Science Behind Personalised Nutrition
by Jennifer Cooper 

Modernising Personalised Nutrition
by Wolfgang Roehr

The Big Questions
by Peter De-Meester

Takeaways for Your Business

• Personalised nutrition has the potential to revolutionise health care.

• Optimal health is more than the absence of disease, requiring a new set of biomarkers.

• The business challenge is the provision of personalised medical or nutritional advice, requiring regulation.

 Underwritten by:Roehr


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