Supporting Women's Health at Every Stage

Supporting Women's Health at Every Stage

According to research, 50 percent of women reported taking dietary supplements, and with such a wide range of changing health concerns across the lifespan, it's unsurprising women are turning to natural ingredients throughout their lives. The global market offers products to support the healthcare goals of women at all stages but female supplement users are moving away from the traditional formats to create their own personalised wellness formulas thanks to greater consumer education and interest.

Table of Contents


Fuelling the Female Athlete
by Dr Susan Kleiner

Trust and Transparency in Prenatal Nutrition
by Katia Merten-Lentz

Resveratrol's Promising Role in Women's Healthy Ageing
by Clare Panchoo

Designing Clinical Trials for Women
by Eimhear Campbell

Takeaways for Your Business

  • To maintain good health throughout life, women are turning to natural products and dietary supplements. 
  • Women influence 70 to 80 percent of all household spending, and mothers are particularly discerning consumers. 
  • Today’s female supplement user is proactive in seeking information and educated on an ingredient’s health benefits.


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