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Food technology and innovation: The future is now - digital magazine

White-paper-Food technology and innovation: The future is now - digital magazine

Food technology and innovation: The future is now - digital magazine
It's an exciting time for the food space as developers continually look to technology to accelerate product development and tackle issues surrounding food safety and security, health profiles, flavour, texture, sustainability and waste. Artificial intelligence, automation and CRM systems are all examples of technology that has been refined for the industry, and especially to close the gap between the supply chain and end consumer. As disruption continues to shake industry, further innovative solutions emerge to shape the future of food.


  • Disruption within the food industry is driving growth within individual categories – like dairy and plant-based – and also driving reinvention for established processes – like fermentation.
  • Millions of dollars and euros spent on food technology reflects a global investment in solutions that meet health preferences and reform supply chain sustainability. 
  • Radical shifts in consumer expectations mean that CPG brands are challenged with launching a product that is still market-relevant at the end of a product cycle. 
  • Big data analytics and emerging digital tools present businesses with intelligent solutions to overcome consumer and supply chain hurdles.

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