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Digest This! The Future for the Digestive Health Market

White-paper-Digest This! The Future for the Digestive Health Market

Digest This! The Future for the Digestive Health Market
While many consumers turn to probiotics to supplement basic digestive health, ongoing research is suggesting probiotics have health benefits from heart health to brain function, and one of the topic focuses of this research is immune health. Consumers are demanding condition-specific products containing specific probiotic strains, personalising their digestive health and shaping the product landscape. On-the-go, fortified products are the ideal solution to consumer demand.


Table of Contents


The Future is Fortification
by the team at Ganeden

Probiotic Beverages and How to Market Them
by Jim Tonkin 

The Low-FODMAP Diet
by Hamish Renton

Takeaways for Your Business

• Research is uncovering seemingly endless additional health benefits for probiotics.

• Personalised nutrition is predicted to boom in the digestive health market.

• Consumer needs vary and there may be no 'one size fits all' approach to allergy and intolerance.



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