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Delivering the goods: Supplement formats in favour

White-paper-Delivering the goods: Supplement formats in favour

Delivering the goods: Supplement formats in favour
Whether it's general wellbeing or managing more serious conditions, consumers are taking their health seriously. Although an understanding of the benefit of supplements is evident, consumers are unexcited about conventional pills and tablets, and instead seek to get their supplements in food form – hence the tremendous growth in alternative formats like beverages, shots, snack bars and chews. Fun and unconventional formats are in favour, but does research back their efficacy and health claims?


  • Gummy supplements are popular amongst consumers with over 100% growth since 2011.
  • The Millennial generation are great drivers of alternative delivery formats, and the sheer size of this population makes Millennials an opportunistic target for almost any industry. 
  • While consumers appreciate alternative formats, 57% of supplements users are concerned about absorption and efficacy.
  • Advances in technology have given rise to solutions like smart packaging, delivering upkeep benefits to consumers and data insight to businesses.

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