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Gut health: How do we make a complex topic simple for consumers?

Article-Gut health: How do we make a complex topic simple for consumers?

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Considered the next ‘gold-mine of medical and food science’ benefiting human health and wellbeing, for many ‘Gut health’ is still a complex topic, with basic terms such as fibre, pre- and pro-biotics still causing confusion among consumers.

Those experienced in the food and nutraceutical industries know that a key driver supporting a healthy gut involves a diverse diet of plants; including ingredients from fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds and naturally fermented foods and drinks. But how can stakeholders of the industry educate consumers with the science and benefits behind these products? And why has gut health become such a ‘hot topic’?

Advancements in science and technology have allowed scientists to study the gut microbiota—the trillions of bacteria and microorganisms that live in the human gut. Understanding how they interact with the cell walls of the intestine has led to better understanding of how the digestive system works, and also how it affects the rest of the human body.

Current research studies are focusing on unveiling the health of the gut to determine:

  • How well nutrients are absorbed from foods and ingredients
  • Regularity of bowel movement reducing the risk of disease
  • How the gut may activate and support the immune system to fight infections
  • How the gut could have a preventative role in systemic inflammation and autoimmune diseases
  • The benefits toward consumers’ mental health and overall mental wellbeing

With such significant and extent benefits to human health, how do we translate complex science into easy to ‘digest’, consumer friendly solutions?

This topic will be covered in one of this years’ roundtable discussions at Vitafoods Europe 2021. The topics being tackled will include: the benefits of a good gut health, consumers’ faced barriers, and thoughts on how to drive consumers’ understanding and create a shift in their dietary habits to support overall health and wellbeing.

Topic and question examples to be discussed during the roundtable include:

  • Should we come together as an industry and market ‘diversity diets’?
  • Work with leading health organisations to create campaigns and educate consumers?
  • Collaborate with social influencers and celebrities to increase awareness?
  • Ideas such as ‘number of plants in this product’ or ‘counting plants’ and plants equal points?
  • Fortifying foods by adding fibre and pre/probiotics?

This is a vast scope for the discussion, where everyone is welcome to share thoughts, ideas and experiences to support the growth of this emerging yet impactful topic.

Join me with a morning coffee for a creative and engaging roundtable discussion taking place at the main stage of Vitafoods Europe 2021, on Thursday 7 October at 9am CEST.

Learn more and register for free to attend the Vitafoods Europe 2021.